28 Sep 2017/Alin/ Technology, Python, Raspberry Pi

Working at the office may often be stressful, so we found a common yet unusual way to relax: sitting in a comfortable chair while listening to some chill tunes, the trigger for starting or stopping the playback being the act of sitting on the chair itself. 

To achieve this, we needed:

  • a Raspberry Pi Zero
  • 28cm x 28cm Velostat sensor we used to detect the pressure applied on the chair
  • converting the analog input sent by the sensor to digital so the Raspberry can interpret it
  • comparing the input value to a pre-determined value
  • if the resistance of the Velostat is low enough, an audio output is sent to a 2.0 audio system

 20170907 162047

20170907 162251

20170908 113404

20170907 1624113

We used this as inspiration for adding audio output to Raspberry Pi Zero, and this article for converting analog input to digital with just a resistor, a capacitor and with the use of one GPIO pin.

We soldered the components to a PCB, the chair received a little bit of a makeover and then we brought the atmosphere of chilling in a hammock on the beach to the people at Hartl.

foto 155